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Laneetra Miller

Laneetra Miller

Operations Manager

Laneetra’s passion in life is caring for others, especially those who are often overlooked in society. Growing up in Wayne, Michigan and witnessing her mom serve as a registered nurse at the same hospital for 40 years impressed upon Laneetra the importance of commitment and serving others.

After many years of witnessing her mom serve well, and volunteering at the same hospital, Laneetra decided to study counseling to provide support that she often found people needed during her hospital visits. Laneetra attended Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI and received her Bachelors degree in psychology. Shortly after, Laneetra received her Master’s degree from Ashland Theological seminary in counseling where she learned to merge her faith with her passion.

Through her study in counseling, Laneetra learned how to be sympathetic towards people and give those who are hurting a listening ear. Through the years, Laneetra learned how important and transferable these skills were to helping people achieve their financial goals.

In 2019, Laneetra began to discover a new passion for her life, and that was real estate. Shortly after, Laneetra began to position herself to become a real estate investor. She knows how a stable home is not only foundational for mental health, but it also is foundational to overall Wealth Management. Laneetra successfully flipped her first property shortly thereafter and saw how much joy it brought her and the purchaser of the home.

In 2021, Laneetra’s love for real estate continued to blossom and she successfully completed training to become a licensed mortgage loan originator through Rocket Mortgage.

Laneetra was one of the winners of Building Community Value, a community development training program, which focuses on teaching emerging developers how to bring value to the areas in which they invest. She is currently enrolled in the 2022 cohort for Detroit Equitable Initiative, a program sponsored by Capital Impact Partners. This is also a community focused real estate development program aimed towards helping developers position themselves to compete for development projects in Detroit and beyond.

As Laneetra continues to pursue her passion for Real Estate, she has partnered with her husband Maurice of 10 years to provide operational support and help clients holistically through wealth management and real estate investing.