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How I Work

| Collaboration

I believe my clients' success is not just dependent on the advice I provide, but the
comprehensive and cohesive advice they receive. I am committed to partnering with the
legal and tax professional teams of my clients, as well as assisting them with building a
professional financial team.

Precision |

My client's confidence in my ability to help them is built on the foundation of precise
information. The client engagement process ensures I efficiently get to know my clients
and gather the appropriate facts in the initial phase before I give any recommendations.

| Efficiency

Through a focused process and extensive network, I help clients move from intention to
action, without skipping important steps along the way.

Flexibility |

Goals, priorities, and lifestyles often change. Through my financial planning process, I
anticipate changes in my clients' lives by providing financial plans and financial assets that
encompass flexibility.

| Servanthood

My practice genuinely appreciates every opportunity given to empower the families,
businesses, and communities I serve. It is my pleasure to support them in such a manner
that positively impacts the communities for generations to come.

Consistency |

I believe my client's long-term financial success comes from
my consistency and my clients' habits. While life is often unpredictable,
I believe my clients have the right to know what to expect.


My relationship with clients is long-term. Like any strong, long-lasting relationship, both
parties will naturally benefit from committing their time and trust in one another.